About us
Serious Anesthesia was born out of a common vision of two healthcare professionals to make anesthesiological training more effective, more fun, and more broadly available. In addition to developing this training for the complete anesthesiological team using serious gaming, we also provide a platform where anesthesiological healthcare professionals can easily share knowledge. So we learn from each other and be inspired!
Over ons - Oprichters Tanja van Goethem en Tanja Beldman

Tanja van Goethem (l) and Tanja Beldman (r)

Who are we?

To realize our dream we started the non-profit organization Serious Anesthesia. The online simulation trainings are being developed together with experience serious games developers and medical experts. We provide our Serious Anesthesia-app and serious game TIVA Experience for free. Only for the accreditation we ask a small fee. With these proceeds we pay for our yearly costs and are we able to develop new patient scenarios and online serious games in the healthcare domain.