Arcomed Syramed µSP6000 Chroma

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The Syramed µSP6000 Chroma from Arcomed is a syringe pump to be used for infusion.

You will learn

  • Positioning the Syramed µSP6000 Chroma
  • Placing the syringe in the device
  • Setting and changing the infusion parameters
  • Administering a bolus
  • Changing the administered volume to zero
  • Monitoring the measured values
  • Activating, configuring and deactivating the standby mode
  • Troubleshooting alarm conditions
Arcomed Syramed µSP6000 Chroma

View this trailer for an impression of the contents of this interactive simulation of the Arcomed Syramed µSP6000 Chroma. The training is offered in partnership with LeQuest; maker of interactive online simulation trainings for medical equipment.

Arcomed Syramed µSP6000 Chroma

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